Châteaumeillant wines

chateaumeillant wine-growing region


Our vineyards of gamay, pinot noir and pinot gris, Châteaumeillant appellation grapes, extend over 3.3 acres.



Châteaumeillant is an AOC of the Centre-Loire region since 2010.




red chateaumeillant "heritage cuvee"



A 75% gamay and 25% pinot noir blend


Hand harvested grapes from old vineyards


This Châteaumeillant will seduce you with its fruity aroma


It will accompany white meat and charcuterie


You"II also enjoy this Châteaumeillant as an aperitif


Serving temperature : 14 degrés





chateaumeillant rose "le p'tit gris"



A gamay, pinot noir and pinot gris blend


Hand harvested grapes


This delicate red fruit flavoured Châteaumeillant will be a very nice aperitif


It will go perfectly well with grilled meat


You"II particularly enjoy this Châteaumeillant with asian cooking


Serving temperature : 10 degrés





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